Friday, June 19, 2009

New Bridge

It is an interesting time for my family and I.  Our son has moved out on his own, we are repurposing the spaces in our home to accommodate our growing girls and businesses better, and we are living at a faster pace.  Gone are the days of afternoon naps and reading books as a family, replaced by days of racing to summer jobs and parties, spreading wings and flying off in all kinds of directions.  And for me, the Mom of this brood of adult wanna be's it is a time of bridging from one stage of life to the next. It is the same for all the other members of the family, my husband is learning how to have independant kids, my kids are learning how scary life without a net is going to be, and life changes dramatically each day for each of us.  We all have our own vantage points of this shared experience.  

From where I sit, this is an exciting time, the work and energy that I put into these kids is really paying off.  I am so proud to see how they are taking to the world, ready to conquer anything they set their minds too.  They have always been good kids, but the proof of our parenting skills will not be fully tested until they are making a living and enjoying life as well ajusted adults...THEN we will be able to sit back and say "job well done." Another excitement that almost makes me feel a little bit guilty is the fact that they don't need me as much as they used to and now I am beginning to have time for the things I want to do!  I can finish some long neglected projects and work on writing and art! It is for me a season to be productive, to create a bridge between the knowledge and experiences I have had and how I am going to spend the rest of my life.  

This brings us to the real reason I titled this blog New Bridge.  It is because of the bridge in Memphis that most folks refer to as "New Bridge".  You see, the New Bridge and I are about the same age, neither one of us is very new anymore, a lot of water has passed under both of us, yet we are both still standing.  The thing I love about the image of the not so new New Bridge is that it reminds me that there is still a lot of life left in both of us! Each day I wake up New in God's service, ready to help anyone who wants to bridge from the life that they have to a life that includes a closer journey with God.  The image of the bridge helps me remember that while I may be there to help at a time when troubled waters may be swirling underneath, I am  only a tool that assists on the journey.  Also, the bridge is always new to those who have never crossed it before, just as the not-so-new-to-me story I tell is new to those who have never heard the message or well as my story of God's presence in my life.  

New Bridge is the image that I will be carrying with me for a long while.  One that I hope will be a big part of this season of file for me as it is also the name that is being used for the community of faith that many of us are creating.  A bridge of faith that takes us from an average life of faith and helps us to cross into a life where faith is lived out daily, it every place we go.  
ALL are welcome to be a part of this community which is beginning to meet in small groups.  Bellmont Grill Wednesday Nights 8:30pm.  Tasty Buffett Sunday Nights 6:30pm.  Art/Prayer groups are being formed and also Chistian Coversations will happen once a quarter (or month if we can make enough money) on Beale Street where we can talk as Brothers and Sisters in faith worshipping and having fun talking about those things we have in common and understanding and respecting those things we don't.  Come at build a bridge in your life with us.